Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brussel Sprouts & Steak

When I was younger, I loooved to read.
I still love to read - but this was different - I lived to read.
I devoured books - literally.
The library was my best friend: I even volunteered there a few summers.

But I would never allow myself to read more than 2 or 3 books at a time.

And it was hard.

Because I would be reading - say 1 book for school, usually historical-something. Then 1 book for pleasure.
And then, we'd go to the library and my heart would find a new book.
A whole new adventure, just waiting for me to eat it up.

It's not that the other book or 2 that I was reading weren't good - sometimes they were fabulous. But that new book - ohh mann. It was so tempting to just pick it up and go.

But if I did, I knew I would lose sight of another book and probably never pick it up again.
And then I'd feel guilty - because my books were like my friends. And I couldn't just put it away for something new.
So I had to discipline myself, to "eat my brussel sprouts before my steak" if you know what I mean.

And I feel that way about blogging sometimes.

I have so much I want to say and put here - that I can get lost in the new & exciting - and what was exciting yesterday will get lost.
Because honestly, I don't ever get a blogging idea that is nasty like brussel sprouts :)
But sometimes, something will happen today that is soo exciting I don't want to talk about what happened yesterday - I want to talk about today!

So anyway, I'm decided to take out my old book discipline.
Brussel sprouts before steak.

About a week before Christmas, one of my favorite photographers, Melissa Jill, blogged about a friend of hers throwing a Cookie Decorating Party.
The pictures were so darn cute, that I immediately texted a few girlfriends and asked if they'd be interested in coming over to my house to decorate cookies for Christmas!

I had been wanting to do something with cookies - since every year I always got together with Miss Tiffany [of TJZ Creations] and decorated cookies with her, and since I live so far away from her now, I wanted to carry on the tradition in her honor :)

As it turns out, a girls were able to come over and we had a blast!

I asked everyone to bring 1-2 dozen of their favorite "decoratable" cookies, and that I would provide the icing and "toppings".
Oh, and oreo balls - see them hiding behind the icing? hehe

And, basically, I baked enough cookies for everyone - so I was glad when Naomi came over and didn't have any cookies to decorate !! [not that she was being a slacker, she told me she wouldn't be bringing any since she wasn't home to make them!]

So, we iced and iced and iced some more. For a long long time really.
Let me tell you - these girls are wayy too creative. I was figuring we'd just slap some icing on, shake on some sprinkles and wah-lah! But nooo - they got wayy more creative than that.

I always thought I was creative, 
until Larissa crafted all of these guys:

Anyway, like I said, we had a good time :)

Some more of our awesomely decorated cookies :)
[notice SpongeBob & Patrick, the Gingerbread Man who is actually a lady & thinks she's in Hawaii because she has her bikini on, and the stocking with a K on it :D]

And, apparently, the roof is icy and Rudolph slipped off:

See? I told you the "brussel sprouts" weren't that bad :) And now I'm excited because I know the best is yet to come ! And I can move on without feeling guilty :) :)


  1. I knew that library girl, great post!

  2. nothing like making us down here wait!!! I HATE waiting to see what's next and guessing what it might be so I'll go and take my brussel sprouts of walking!!! yuck, don't want to at all today again!! and it's only week 1 of Jan.