Thursday, January 27, 2011

a Special Visit

My family is here !!

And that means:

endless games of uno
meal times equaling lots of dishes to do -
but equally many hands to do them :D
dozens of hugs
tons of little stories
happy squeals of delight
trying to force the puppies to get along -
and not get too jealous of each other
blow-up mattresses
scheduled showers
endless laughter
movie marathons
eating - lots and lots of eating
and pictures :D

The kiddos took the doggies for a walk this morning - check out how cute they are !!

After initially not really liking each other - Buster & Abby have now become BFFs for life. Although, it still seems like Abby thinks Buster is her new toy :D

Did I mention uno? Awesomely good times :D

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