Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the Power Team [waverly, NY]

I saw the poster advertising them at church - and wondered what in the world it was.
The picture was a bunch of people with big muscles.
It said they were called "The Power Team".
The poster didn't say anything about Jesus or church or anything - and so I didn't understand why they were advertising it at church.

I had no clue.

Well, this group was in town last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. After Thursday and Friday went by, I saw enough posts on Facebook and even heard about it at work to have a little more of an idea of what this was.

And we decided to go see the show on Saturday night.

And this is what we saw:


Hold on - these guys are crazy!!

And they're NUTS!


And, while they were doing their fantastic feats of crazy strength, they were proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ.


And, then after all the "little" things, like breaking cement blocks and bending metal rods, and breaking hot water bottles by blowing them up to the point of them bursting, ripping 2,000 page phone books in half, and turning horseshoes into hearts - they did something a little bit harder.

"Sarge" was going to plow his head into 1,000 pounds of ice in order to break it in half.


Annddd - the unthinkable happened. 
He hit the ice wrong and simply knocked it over - LOL
You gotta LOVE their reactions tho' - totally classic :D

So, after all that fun - they got down to it and Todd Keene [the "president" of the Power Team] preached a simple message about Chicago pizza, airports, old ladies, and the Book of Life.

They prayed ...

Did another incredible, amazing, scary feat - had "Timber" lay down on a bed of nails, then they placed another bed of nails on top of his chest [for a grand total of 2,000 nails], then "Sarge" lay down on top of that, had a 300 pound log lifted up to him and he benched pressed that log 20 times.


I get a kick out of - see all the guys standing off to the sides? They're the ones responsible of lifting that log up to "Sarge" as well as taking it out of his hands when he's done.
And if you notice - there are FOUR guys. It takes FOUR guys to lift that ONE log that he's bench pressing !!


They survived though, much to everyone's excitement :D

So after their final amazing feats, they gave an altar call. And this is what happened:


I bet half of the entire audience went forward. It was amazing. They took all of the people who came forward to a back room where there were pastors and altar workers ready to talk to everyone and get them hooked up to a church where they could begin to grow.

It was incredible.

Not only was the show amazing - and all their strength incredible - but their impact for eternity is far beyond any log they could lift or any blocks they could break.

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