Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Favorite Photos - 2O1O

I know I'm a bit late - everyone else has posted their 2O1O in review photos decades ago.
But, better late than never, right?

Truth be told, I started working on this post while we were still in 2O1O - but I realized that the first part of the year's photos still resided on a hard drive I needed to dig out and get images off of. And, you guessed it, I simply never made time to dig out that hard drive :)

Well, I finally made time and here we go: I'd like to present my favorite images from 2O1O - in no particular order - and for no reason other than, they stuck out to me as awesome :D

[[and, you'll notice some watermarked with my old kara lee logo, and others updated with my new A watermark - that's another favorite thing about the year - my updated brand!!]

[[and further, you'll notice that some photos never made it onto my blog - so new year's resolution: blog more :D]]





[[and yes I know, these last two photos - I did not take - but they are still some of my favorite images from last year :)]]

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