Friday, January 11, 2008

52 blessings

i got certified today to be the official Irwin KFC team trainer !!

its kinda funny b/c i had no idea what to expect.. all i knew was keith was going to be in the area with chuck.. and they were going to certify me today.. no one had any clue what they were going to do.. so i couldn't really even prepare.. and it was funny b/c when keith got there.. he thought i was already certified.. and fred was like "uhh.. we thought you were gonna certify her today" and he was like "OH! well i can do that!" it was fun.. keith is a nice guy.. and it turns out.. not only am *i* going on vacation tomorrow.. so is HE ! but he isn't going anywhere.. his wife is going to have a baby !! so he took 2 weeks off.. it was cute how excited he is :)

so anyway.. i got a raise.. and the official title.. and i already had the hat.. lol but now i can wear it knowing that i'm certified !!

i'm very thankful for my job.. i love the people i work with--they make work so much fun and always enjoyable.. the managers have always been very accomodating of me not wanting to work on wednesday nights and sundays.. and having off the weekends in the summer.. of course.. they know that they can count on me to cover their short shifts anytime i can.. even if it means me working an excess of 12 hours a day.. so i'm very thankful for my job.. and specifically thankful that i passed my certification tests !!

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