Tuesday, January 1, 2008

make a funny face !

for New Years Eve, my parents decided to extend the invitation to our house to more people.. normally we only have the balegas over.. but this year we invited a total of 12 families.. unfortunately most of them were already doing something.. and in the case of one family -- were sick.. but we did have my grandma & pap.. meme & grandpa.. my aunt dawn & uncle paul's family.. the balegas.. and charlotte come over ! we had a good time.. lots of food and games.. twister was the best tho'.. i haven't laughed like i laughed during that game in a long time..

i took almost 200 pictures last night.. will be posting the highlights later..
(btw.. if you want to see the pictures a little larger? you can click on the photo and it will come up larger.. then you can just hit the back button to get back to my page..)

"make a funny face"

yeah we're scary.. watch out..


  1. yeah you are scarry!

  2. very scarry! (you and amy) but the top is ssoo funny!