Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Florida Trip end of day5

today we went to siesta key beach.. it was unlike any beach i've ever been to--never mind the fact that i've only ever been to a handful of beaches.. to walk on the sand was like walking on powdered sugar.. the sand was SO fine.. it was very windy and kinda chilly when we first arrived.. it got warmer as the day went on though..

aunt dawn has declared this as her favorite picture of the trip.. i must say its pretty cute.. :)

this is the "castle" lydia and i built.. the sand was so fine that it didn't really work to build a castle with buckets..

this is the hole that the boys dug.. and the following pictures are of us sitting in the hole.. it was pretty deep !!

sneaking up on birds.. hehe

this is the bridge going over tampa bay.. its huge !! i can't describe how HUGE this bridge is to go over.. it goes over the whole bay.. very cool..

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  1. hey kara it's amy! hi everybody! the pics. are so awesome! eli looks so happy!