Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Eve Party

here's a taste of what we did on New Years Eve.. we ate.. we played games.. we partied..

these things are amazing..

the classic "don't take my picture" look :)

so amy dragged me into building this puzzle with her.. it took her 3 days to do on her own.. we did it in about an hour.. lol

the three princesses..

TWISTER ! fun times..

i could have played twister all night long.. too bad everyone else didn't feel the same..

the annual scrabble championship.. i would have played but i had to take gram & pap home..

okay so this is the funniest picture.. b/c up to this point my dad was "sleeping" amy and emma put the pink boa on his head.. and the hat.. and just as amy told me to snap the picture.. daddy made THAT face.. lol

rock hard

okay so this is the coolest picture.. doesn't it look like a ghost? well.. just pretend it does b/c that was what i was aiming for.. lol

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