Saturday, January 19, 2008

Florida Trip end of day8

today we went to MGM.. my favorite park !! the day started out very cloudy and drizzly.. but as the day went on.. the clouds rolled away and the sun came out..

i took 310 pictures.. 131 of which were JUST from the beauty and the beast show.. i took SO many pictures during that 25 minute show.. that i can tell the whole show with my pictures.. since i took so many.. i will do another seperate blog post dedicated to JUST beauty and the beast.. so.. stay tuned :)

oh no ! watch out ! another photographer !!

hehe.. mom.. dad.. you knew something like this was going to happen right? i was going to go away to FL and get swept off my feet by some random male.. right? well.. its true.. he smothered my hands in kisses..

then praised me up and down.. and finally proposed we spend the rest of our lives together.. how could i NOT accept? especially when he's SO handsome :)

this is an AWESOME family picture.. everyone is looking.. they all are smiling.. lol YES--SUCCESS..

"follow the yellow brick road" from the great movie ride..

outside of star tours..

this show.. was INCREDIBLE.. there is no other way to describe it !! absolutely amazing..

other than my 131 pictures taken from beauty and the beast--this is my favorite picture of the day :)

its hard to tell.. but he is in mid-air.. (its easier to see if you click on the photo--then it brings it up larger)

the daily "run out and search for a table we can eat at" picture..

inside the tower of terror..

the tower of terror at night.. from the back.. lol

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