Thursday, January 17, 2008

Florida Trip end of day6

oookay.. so today we left the house we had been living in for the past few days.. to arrive in Kissimmee (which: funny side note.. when we all prayed this morning before driving off to our new "home" for 7 days.. i prayed that we would arrive safely in "Kissimmee" and as soon as we all said "amen" Nate looks over at me and says "kara.. why do you want someone to kiss you?" hehe kids definitely do say the darnest things.. i need to write down some of the cute things my cousins are saying.. its really funny.. anyway..) so as we were leaving the house.. i took pictures of it.. as much for remembering as for letting the folks back home know what we lived in the past few days..

IF you can imagine: the following pictures cover an area of LESS THAN 500 sq. feet.. Uncle Rick explained that in order to be in the park that it was in.. it had to be under 500 sq. feet.. or else the park could not keep its title of an RV park.. what we stayed in was more of a mobile home that has been made permanent.. anyway.. use your imagination and imagine 8 people living and sleeping in less than 500 sq. feet..

this is what you see when you walk in the front door.. its called the laniegh.. and yes i know that that is probably spelled incorrectly.. its a screened in porch okay? lol

the end of the porch..

then to walk inside.. you enter into the living room.. and the kitchen is located directly off of the living room.. very tiny..

if you walk about 2 steps into the living room and turn left..

you will go down this hallway.. which about 2 steps further and you can see..

the small bathroom.. which the door lock didn't work.. reminds me of the place we stayed in when we went to see Little Bear a couple of years ago.. :)

then this is the master bedroom.. or.. the only bedroom located in the whole place.. as you can (not really) see.. there are no nightstands.. there are lights hanging on the wall on either side of the bed.. and lots of little knooks and cranies behind the bed to put things in :) so mom.. you can let meme know..

after leaving that house.. we had some extra time before we could check into our new house.. so we went over to Downtown Disney (previously known as "Disney Villiage") to look around.. and catch Disney World Fever :) "sucked into the Disney vortex" as my Uncle Paul called it..

malachi picked up this eeyore and boldly declared that we needed to buy this for stephen.. hehe

these handcuffs are a private joke.. the whole way down Uncle Paul said he needed to buy handcuffs for his kids and after putting them on--loose the keys.. well.. we found a pair !!

see? even Uncle Paul was getting into the Disney spirit !! you gotta love all the princess stuff available in Disney World.. makes any girl feel like a princess just to be around all the sparkly and shimmery things :)

so.. after spending some time there.. we headed over to unload the van and get settled into our new house.. compared to the 500 sq. feet we had in the other house.. this place is a MANSION.. 2 stories.. 4 bedrooms.. 3 bathrooms.. a private swimming pool.. a VERY spacious kitchen.. dining room.. living room.. the whole works.. this place is incredible !!

checking out the flat screen tv.. lol very cool

the downstairs bedroom..

upstairs bedroom no.1 where lydia and i are sleeping.. sure we could both have our own rooms.. but why do that when we have so much fun sleeping together?

the boys' bedroom.. they love the bunk beds !

the master bedroom.. with a master bath along with it..

so.. what does 2 weeks worth of luggage for 8 people look like exactly? glad you asked.. :)

after a long day of driving.. all you want to do is relax in your very own pool.. too bad eli is too small to go in on his own.. the pool is gated off very cleverly by this fence-looking-thing.. so he can watch the kids in the pool yet can't get anywhere near the pool.. it is perfect !!

so.. the plan is to go to magic kingdom tomorrow.. yesterday i took 180 pictures at the beach.. i can only imagine how many more i will take tomorrow at magic kingdom all day !! i'm so excited !! i totally feel like a little kid.. lol

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