Wednesday, January 9, 2008

wedding dresses part2

okay.. so here's a sampling of what we did yesterday.. we had SO much fun !!

this is autumn.. naomi's sister.. believe it or not she is only 13.. she's absolutely gorgeous.. just like her sister.. yet she's too quiet :)

this is colleen.. naomi's other best friend and one of the craziest girls you'll ever meet.. hehe let's just say.. we have FUN things planned for naomi :) she's reading the paper i wrote about paul & naomi.. maybe i'll post it on here..

the bridal party !

this is the first set of dresses we tried on.. we liked these dresses but these aren't the ones we ended up getting.. however this is the COLOR.. so when you see us below in the style we got.. you have to use your imagination and think this color..

self-portrait time.. gotta love the millions of mirrors in this place!

colleen.. lookin' beautiful in another style dress we tried on and didn't like..

okay this is the style we went with.. but like i said.. you gotta imagine the red color.. they didn't have our sizes in that color so we tried on different colors but the right size.. make sense? lol i love the expressions on our faces tho' :) ugh.. i need to do something with my tan lines before may.. lol

2/3 of the bridal party.. i'm the mirror hehe

colleen took this one.. so this is the style we got.. just wrong color.. they are really pretty dresses.. terrible picture of me tho'.. ugh i feel so repulsive when standing next to the other girls.. they are so gorgeous !! but that's okay.. nobody needs to look at me.. everyone should be fixed on the bride.. as i'm sure they will be.. naomi's gonna be the most gorgeous bride EVER..

this is the first dress naomi tried on.. it looks like the one she picked out online and when she put it on she immediately fell in love with it.. however her mother didn't.. lol needless to say we did not buy this gown..

they added the sash.. but naomi wanted a pure white gown.. you gotta admit its a gorgeous sash tho'..

lol naomi really liked this dress..

HAHA i LOVE naomi's face in this and the next picture.. SO priceless and SO naomi :)

she's gonna kill me for posting these.. but what can you say anymore? "i'm gonna show these at your wedding" doesn't really work any longer.. haha

practicing the look she'll give paul.. haha

i really like this picture.. naomi is so gorgeous.. i felt ugly standing in the mirror next to her..

naomi's got butterflies in her stomach !! can you tell she's talkin' to the luckiest man on the planet? yes of course paul called right in the middle of us trying on dresses.. lol

this is the dress naomi was going to buy.. this was it.. i have SO many pictures of this dress because she had it on forever.. because this was the one she was going to buy.. it was really pretty.. very flattering too..

tryin' on a tiarra..

so since they were gonna get this dress.. it had a huge long train.. and mrs. westerman was trying to figure out how they would bustle it..

nice mother/daughter moment.. this is the moment they decided not to get this dress.. even tho' the dress was gorgeous.. it was heavily embroidered.. which was what MADE it gorgeous.. but because of naomi's height alot of that beautiful embroidery would have to be cut off.. and that was too hard to swallow.. especially if they were going to pay $500 for the dress..

NO.. there are NO pictures posted of the dress naomi bought.. i have pictures of it.. its absolutely stunning.. but there are no sneak peaks available to the public.. you'll just have to come to the wedding to see it :) rest assured.. it is amazing.. and naomi looks amazing IN it.. altho' i think naomi could wear a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt to her wedding and she'd look absolutely stunning.. paul is a VERY VERY lucky man..

after a long day of dress shopping.. you just gotta grin and bear it.. hehe

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