Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Florida Trip end of day4

after playing volleyball this morning.. and receiving a nice bruised ankle from a gentleman who stepped on my foot.. (we collided.. oops) we had lunch and went to the beach.. we did get lost on the way there.. so we drove for about an hour.. yet only had about half an hour at the beach because we had dinner plans at 4:30 with Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Rick..

the beach was gorgeous tho'.. we are going back tomorrow..

this is my favorite picture.. ^^

this is my buddy for 2 weeks.. she's lovin' having another girl to pal around with.. and its totally different "living" for 2 weeks with a household of all boys and one girl.. instead of all girls and one boy !! totally fun tho'.. lydia's lovin' it.. i braided her hair tonight in 2 french braids.. it looks so gorgeous in her hair !!

for dinner we went to a place called the "Roaring 20's".. we arrived at 4:30.. and at 5.. the organ rose out of the stage in the floor and he played requests.. it was incredible.. from that organ he could control the lights.. plus drums, horns, pipes, all SORTS of instruments.. it was SO cool !!

i loved how.. during different songs he would play.. couples would get up and dance..

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