Sunday, January 6, 2008

someone's prince died

okay.. you have to know how my house is laid out for this to make sense.. i sleep in our finished basement.. and so this morning.. i was going upstairs.. so from my bedroom.. i walk thru the family room.. into this room that has a freezer and all of our games and puzzles to get to the steps that lead upstairs.. well.. across from the base of the steps is this dresser.. in it is stored all of our paper and notebooks and crafty stuff like that.. so this morning.. i round the corner to go upstairs.. and my eyes caught this:

so what does any normal squeemish girl do after seeing this? she screams and goes running back to her room of course !!
apparently.. daddy found this frog frozen to death or something.. idk.. and i really don't WANT to know.. anyway.. he found it and decided to bring it IN the house and set it on the dresser at the bottom of the steps..
just to tell you how blonde i am.. daddy found it and placed it there YESTERDAY.. and all night long last night i would go up and down the stairs.. and a couple times ruby said to me something about a "froggie".. b/c she followed me around all night.. but i never understood what she was saying.. now i know..
all i can say is.. hopefully that frog wasn't my prince charming.. b/c not only is he dead.. but i could barely get close enough to take a picture let alone kiss that thing.. YUCK.. :)

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