Sunday, January 27, 2008

Florida Trip Homecoming

we arrived home from our long drive about 5pm tonight.. i half expected to find my family waiting anxiously at the door.. instead i was able to sneak up on them as they were all downstairs totally oblivious to our arrival.. after a little bit of quiet time.. we all converged on Aunt Dawn and Uncle Paul's house for a glorious reunion of cousins ! needless to say.. they were all very happy to see eachother :)

we also celebrated Malachi's birthday.. as it was yesterday ! we had a wonderful time of laughing.. sharing stories.. laughing some more.. eating.. laughing.. and yeah.. we did a lot of laughing.. all of my family seem to be wonderful story tellers and even though i lived through most of the stories told.. it was wonderful to relive them and laugh about them again..

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