Monday, January 21, 2008

Florida Trip end of day10

today we went to.. well.. you can see for yourself where we went..

this is the new rollar coaster they have.. it is a cool ride.. very different.. you go backwards as well as forwards and parts of it are in the dark.. and you feel like you go upside down.. pretty awesome.. of course.. what made it even better was the fact that Uncle Paul & Lydia sat in the FRONT seat.. and Zeb and I sat in the 2nd seat !!

the lion king show.. very cool..

awww.. don't they look like the PERFECT set of brothers? lol

the daily "run out and search for a table we can eat at" picture..

this and the following were taken on the safari.. very cool ride.. i got one or two decent photos.. :)

animal kingdom has a new show.. the finding nemo "musical".. it was very cute !

as we were leaving tonight.. we were all struck by how HUGE the moon was.. and how gorgeous it was..

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  1. Hey Kara! Your dad told me about your blog and I've been spending all my time at work looking at it!! HAHA!! Looks like everyone is having a great glad to know your missing some of the coldest weather up here!! Tell everyone I said hi!