Friday, January 18, 2008

Florida Trip end of day7

today we went to Magic Kingdom !!

the forecast claimed it was going to be 75* with only a 20% chance of rain.. well.. they were wrong.. but we had a nice time anyway..

dude.. i could TOTALLY steal her job.. who WOULDN'T want to dress up as a princess every day and parade around on the arm of a prince.. waving to millions of happy faces?

lol that face is PRICELESS hehe
can you see eli?

this is one of only 3 presidential seals on permanent display in the United States.. one is in Washington DC.. the other in Philadelphia..

you gotta wonder what these little boys were dreaming about while they were looking at the Presidential Seal..

the haunted mansion.. the boys loved it.. lydia cried.. :) i can't say too much.. i hated this ride when i was at disney around her age too.. i didn't even want to go on it when we went to disney 6 years ago.. lol =X

this was eli's favorite ride !! he was SO excited and totally loved this ride.. we were laughing at how excited he was.. :)

peter pan.. i was mad because all of my pictures from in that ride turned out blurry..

the little boys and aunt dawn all declared that Buzz Lightyear was their favorite ride so far !!
haha by the time we got on the winnie the pooh ride.. i had figured out how to take pictures ON the rides ! go me.. now we just have to go back to the pirates of the caribbean.. peter pan.. and the other rides so i can take better pictures !! lol

the snow white ride..

"Dip the apple in the brew. Let the sleeping death seep through. Look! On the skin! The symbol of what lies within. Now, turn red to tempt Snow White. To make her hunger for a bite. Have a bite? It's not for you! It's for Snow White. When she breaks the tender peel to taste the apple in my hand, her breath will still, her blood congeal. Then I'll be the fairest in the land. But wait! There may be an antidote. Nothing must be overlooked. Ah! Here it is! "The Victim of the Sleeping Death can be revived only by Love's First Kiss." "Love's First Kiss"! Bah! No fear of that. The dwarfs will think she's dead. She'll be buried alive!"

haha zeb's face.. in the upper left hand corner of the picture is PRICELESS.. LOL

here you go mother.. aunt dawn took a picture of me :) i'm in some of the group shots she took on her camera.. but as she forgot her USB cord.. i can't get them until we get home.. but.. as you requested.. here is a photo of me.. >.<

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