Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Florida Trip end of day12

how have i been on vacation for 12 days already? and how in the WORLD is it possible that the date is January 23, 2008?! gah.. time moves too fast when you're having fun..

today was just a relaxing.. laid back sort of day.. generously made part by uncle paul being down with a severe cold and sinus headache.. we went to downtown disney this morning and did some shopping.. then came home and swam the rest of the afternoon.. it was a gorgeous 83 degrees outside--perfect weather for relaxing in the pool.. then tonight we packed and we are ready to begin the first leg of our journey home tomorrow morning..

these lollypops are HUGE that they bought this morning.. hehe

after a long (2 1/2 hour) day of shopping you just gotta take it easy..

HEY the sign said NO DIVING !! *gasp*

zeb is a clown :)

then again.. so is malachi.. :)

lol meet: tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum..

hehe.. tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum again..

look at that form ! lol

oh no ! belly flop ! lol

zeb's headstand.. very impressive.. lol i guess this is a good place to note: the pool was 3 ft. deep at the shallow end.. and only 5 ft. deep at the deep end.. that doesn't sound that deep.. but for all these little people it was perfect.. and uhh.. i'm included in the little people.. b/c even tho' i stand 5'2".. those last 2 inches don't do too much when you are trying to stand in 5 ft. deep water.. lol

you have to realize.. that i took all of the pictures in the pool over the space of about an hour.. from the first pictures of zeb jumping in to this one of him falling in backward.. notice that in the first pictures the sun was out.. it was gorgeous.. but see how dark it is in this picture? a huge storm was brewing.. and the boys got out right after i took this shot.. pretty scary lookin' huh? actually it was all smoke and no fire b/c it never did rain.. but it looked really bad..

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