Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Florida Trip end of day11

today we went to Epcot.. and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather.. it was absolutely GORGEOUS.. and to top it all off.. it was a slow day.. so we walked straight on to a lot of the rides.. and only had short waits for other rides.. it was a great day..

malachi wasn't in the picture b/c he was ALSO taking a picture at the same time i was :) as you can see below..

this was in the greenhouse.. pretty cool stuff..

haha now see? THIS is why you always have the camera out and ready to snap a shot at any second.. you never know when someone is going to make a face like this :)

awwww.. aren't they cute? if only zeb woulda been out of the picture it would've been perfect..

aww daddy's little girl :)

don't they look absolutely perfect and adorable?

i think this is a shot of germany from across the water..

okay.. so here's the sad story behind this picture.. as we were walking thru Italy.. we saw Snow White ! so Lydia and i ran to get in line.. well.. when we had been standing there for a few minutes.. Dopey came walking out ! we thought YES this is GREAT.. then it was announced.. that snow white would be leaving in 5 minutes.. for a 20 minute break.. so.. it turned out that she left when there were about 3 families still in front of us.. talk about bummer !!

but THEN.. as we were walking thru france.. Aunt Dawn spotted a line that had formed.. and she stopped.. looked.. and then saw that Belle and Beast were walking toward that line !! so we jumped in line there.. and shortly after got this picture taken :) VERY COOL..

how could ANYONE resist THOSE blue eyes? (he's sitting on my foot btw..) lol
nate actually took this picture.. not too bad..

taken in spaceship earth.. which we thought was closed.. but when we inquired about it.. they said that it isn't "officially" open until february 9.. but they have had it up and running for a while now..

we got home early enough for the kids to swim.. this is malachi's version of a cannon ball :)

one of the MANY faces of zeb.. he's fun to photograph..

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