Saturday, January 26, 2008

Florida Trip end of days 14-15

on Thursday we left Orlando and traveled east to fulfill the last leg of our vacation: visiting with Aunt Evie and family.. we got into Vero Beach Thursday night.. then woke up Friday intending to go to Kennedy Space Center.. THEN we looked up the price and realized it was going to cost a small fortune for all 8 of us to go.. so instead we went and toured a small.. family owned and operated grove.. the guy who gave us a small tour was extremely nice and very happy to answer any and all of our questions.. he was also very generous in letting us try his produce..

these are honeybells.. they are a cross between a tangerine and grapefruit.. we had never heard of them before and the gentleman explained you could only get them in January and they are kind of rare.. they are REALLY good tho'..

grapefruits.. yuck.. lol .. not my personal favorite..

so then from there we drove over to Aunt Evie's house and dropped in for a surprise visit.. my cousin Eric was there and wheeled out his race car to show the kids.. it was a HUGE hit..

and yes.. they forced me into this little thing.. told me i couldn't leave until i got in and they took a picture.. :)

my cousin eric and i'm inside the car.. can you see how tiny it is? he loves to race it tho'.. despite the injuries.. and being knocked out cold once.. he loves that thrill..

our crew and Aunt Evie..

Aunt Evie and Eric..

okay so i love this picture because.. you can see the speed limit sign says 35mph right? and that is eric racing down the road.. he explained to us that the breaks DO NOT work unless the car is going AT LEAST 80mph.. AND the car only turns left.. so basically in order for him to get it back in the garage correctly he had to race it down the road to turn it around.. hehe.. he's amazing at driving that thing tho'.. he told us that he actually was asked to be a stunt driver in the Extreme Stunt show at MGM that i posted about? he turned them down because of the small pay and the amount of work they expected him to do.. but he's gotta be VERY good if they asked him to do that !!

then we went to.. the beach..

as you can see.. the conditions made it impossible to even imagine swimming.. there were red flags up warning everyone of the high risk of fast rip tides and huge waves..

it was sure pretty tho'..

so then that night we met up again with Aunt Evie.. and the rest of my cousins: Betsy and Dave & their kids Nicole and Ellyn.. Eugene and his girlfriend Tayna with her two kids and Eugene's daughter Layne (Eric didn't come to dinner?) we had a really nice time.. all 18 of us :)

Dave, Betsy, and Uncle Paul

Aunt Evie and Ellyn.. she is the CUTEST little girl ever !! so sweet..

Ellyn and Nate

Malachi, Taylor, Ellyn, Nicole, Lydia, and Nate

we left saturday morning and stopping at a rest stop in SC we saw this sign o.O i didn't want to get out of the van..

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