Sunday, January 20, 2008

Florida Trip end of day9

nate wearing my sunglasses..

meet malachi.. not only did he surprise us by wanting to buy these mickey ears.. then wearing them all day long.. he volunteered to be a jedi at the star wars show we watched !! SO surprising !!

facing darth vadar..

malachi's fighting darth vadar !!!

getting his diploma.. he's now an "official" padawan..

where are we?

in the backstage tour.. this are THE cages used in the making of Pirates of the Caribbean !! Yes ellen.. Orlando Bloom was INSIDE of those cages.. and i was RIGHT beside them ! lol

me and my boys :)

the little mermaid show..


uncle paul's hero.. alan alda.. lol

sneak peak from the Indiana Jones show.. i took over 100 pictures in that show.. will have to do a special post dedicated to just this show.. like i have to do with the beauty and the beast show..

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